Aleksandra Kalisz

Studium III, 100x80cm, 2017

Studium II, 90x90cm, 2017

Studium I, 150x110cm, 2017

Studium VIII, 45x30cm, 2017Studium VII, 45x35cm, 217











Studium V

In her works she focuses on female body and ornaments. Inspiration is taken from travelling. Each visited country has a strong impact on created artwork. Currently she works on the project called “Act of pattern”. It’s a series of figurative oil paintings where the main subject is woman. Bodies are covered in patterned materials and placed in colorful backgrounds. Paintings seem almost abstract- eyes get lost in the multitude of lines, colors and shapes. Used ornaments are mainly from Middle East.

Fascination with mesmerizing patterns started few years ago during trip to southern Spain and later northern Morocco. The south of European country has rich history where at some point Catholic, Islamic and Jewish people were living together. Their traditions mixed and created a style called “mudejar”. The aim of the project is to combine two different cultures: European (female nude) and Islamic (ornaments). Both cultures have rich traditions which evolved in different ways. Europe has been focusing on human body while Middle East countries due to their religion have been expressing their art in geometrical ornaments.

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